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County Commission Office

The governing body of Clarke County is the Clarke County Commission, consisting of five members elected by the citizens of Clarke County. The Chairman of the County Commission rotates approximately every nine months.

The County Commission meets every second and fourth Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. in the Annex Building of the Clarke County Courthouse in the Commissioners Courtroom located at 114 Court Street.



The Clarke County Commission is hereby requesting proposals from qualified companies to conduct utility efficiency and infrastructure upgrades using performance-based funding solutions contracts for Energy Efficiency Services pursuant to Alabama Code (AL. Code 41-16-140 to 144). The scope of work will include turnkey performance-based contracting services to make needed upgrades to the Commission’s facilities and infrastructure with the intent to reduce utility consumption, reduce operating costs, find additional funding opportunities, and gain efficiencies in operations.

Proposals may not be withdrawn for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of the submission deadline.

The Clarke County Commission reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal or item listed therein.

The Clarke County Commission further reserves the right to waive any informality in proposals received.


The objective in issuing this Request for Proposals for Qualifications is to solicit proposals and qualifications from companies that have the experience, capability, and track record to provide guaranteed, paid from savings upgrades to existing facility and infrastructure through a performance-based contracting methodology.

The selected performance-based contractor shall develop and implement utility savings measures, develop cost reduction strategies, and identify any available funding opportunities for the Clarke County Commission.  The funding generated from such strategies shall be utilized to provide infrastructure improvements and upgrades.  The selected firm shall:

  1. Design and implement infrastructure improvements that utilize proven technologies to provide a state-of-the-art environment that will serve the Commission’s present and future needs;
  2. Provide training of personnel in the operation and maintenance of installed systems;
  3. If requested, assist with securing a viable financing mechanism acceptable to the Commission;
  4. Be able to provide a written guarantee that total program costs shall be one hundred percent (100%) covered by the performance enhancements of the system and operating cost reductions based in utility unit reductions, equipment accuracy, funding opportunities, and agreed upon operational savings.
  5. Provide a contract that includes a provision for measuring and verification of any guaranteed savings or funding. Provide a contract life of the program not to exceed twenty (20) years. The Clarke County Commission intends to structure the program’s implementation schedule in a manner to minimize capital needs.

All utility conservation measurements or infrastructure enhancements proposed by qualified performance-based contracting service provider shall be proven, commercially available, and verifiable.

Proposal Content:

Proposal submissions should contain the following information and be limited to no more than fifty (50) pages with a minimum font size of 12.  Provide one paper copy and one electronic copies on a CD or USB media (such as a flash drive) of the following:

  • Firm Profile
  • The official name and official address of the performance-based contracting service provider. (Provide a web-link/address to contracting service provider’s website.)
  • Evidence of financial stability (financial statements may be provided in an appendix and do not count toward the page limit).
  • Firm’s performance-based contracting experience:
    • Firm must provide a review of the firms overall performance-based contracting experience.
    • Firm must provide pertinent team member resumes and experience.
    • Firm must provide five (5) national city or county government performance-based contracting references, including contact information, that have used the performance-based contracting vehicle on projects that were substantially completed.
    • Firm must provide a sample cash flow from a recent, similar project.
    • Firm must provide a list of all (if any) customers, with contact information, that have past or pending lawsuits, arbitration, or litigation regarding a performance-based contract savings guarantee (list reason).
    • State the amount of the break or walkaway fee if a project is not completed.
  • Project team qualifications and experience.
  • The Clarke County Commission is interesting in benefiting from an unbiased, value-based program to address its needs through a vendor-neutral performance-based contractor. Therefore, the performance-based contractor must demonstrate its willingness and past experience in implementing projects that deploy solutions incorporating equipment, controls, and related products and field services independent of its own specific business portfolio or brand.


Contract Award:

The Contract will be awarded to the firm which, in the Commission’s opinion, has submitted the best overall proposal.  Criteria to be used in the evaluation process will include, but not be limited to, qualifications and experience of the firm, as well as, specific team members to be assigned to the project; financial stability, financing options and resources of the firm.  The Clarke County Commission reserves the right during the solicitation process to request additional information or seek clarification for any aspect of the proposal from any and all firms.

  • When services and fees are agreed upon, the selected firm shall be offered a contract subject to the Clarke County Commission’s approval.
  • Should negotiations be unsuccessful, the Clarke County Commission may enter into negotiations with the next, highest ranked firm. The process may continue until an agreement is reached with a qualified firm.
  • This RFP does not commit the Clarke County Commission to pay for any direct and/or indirect costs incurred in the preparation of a response.

Submission of Proposals

All proposals responding to this solicitation should be submitted in a sealed envelope and marked ENERGY RFP, to the following address no later than 2:00 PM CDT, March 29, 2023:

Clarke County Commission

ATTN: Ms. Christy Roberts

P.O. Box 548

Grove Hill, AL 36451



The “Restricted Period”

During the “restricted period” (defined below), prospective firms, (including any representative, lobbyist, or any of the firm’s customers) are PROHIBITED from attempting to influence the governmental procurement by contacting anyone other than the designated Clarke County

  Commission contact, Ms. Christy Roberts at, without Ms. Roberts’ knowledge and consent.

The “restricted period” is essentially a blackout period which begins with the earliest written notice of the Commission’s solicitation of RFP and ends upon approval and public disclosure of the most qualified firm for the Clarke County Commission.


Opening of Proposals

Vendor proposals will be opened on March 30, 2023, at 10:00 am at the Clarke County Courthouse, 114 Court Street, Grove Hill, Alabama 36451, in the Commission Courtroom. Only the names of Vendors who submitted proposals will be announced. No questions will be answered.

Released March 14, 2023

County Administration

The County Commission office is under the direct supervision of the County Administrator, Christy Roberts. Alabama Code Section 11-3-18 provide specific duties of the county administrator which include the responsibility of implementing policies enacted by the County Commission for daily operations of the county government.

Christy Roberts

County Administrator

P. O. Box 548
114 Court Street
Grove Hill, AL 36451
(251) 275-3507

Commission Chairman

Clarke County Commission

P. O. Box 548
114 Court Street
Grove Hill, AL 36451
(251) 275-3507

Bruce Wilson

County Attorney

P. O. Box 99
Grove Hill, AL 36451
(251) 275-3221

County Commisioners

Honorable Abbey Walker Haag

District 1

Post Office Box 548
Grove Hill, Alabama 36451
251-275-3507 (p)
251-275-8517 (f)

  • Allen
  • Antioch
  • Bassett Creek Community
  • Blue Mountain
  • Fulton
  • Grove Hill Hellwestern
  • Liberty Community
  • Mount Zion
  • Toddtown
  • Winn 
  • Zimco

Honorable Jackie Ray Rush

District 2

Post Office Box 548
Grove Hill, Alabama 36451
251-275-3507 (p)
251-275-8517 (f)

  • Atkinson
  • Bashi
  • Campbell
  • Chilton
  • Midway
  • Morvin
  • Nicholsville
  • Sandflat
  • Tallahatta
  • Thomasville

Honorable Barry Chancey

District 3

Post Office Box 548
Grove Hill, Alabama 36451
251-275-3507 (p)
251-275-8517 (f)

  • Bolentown
  • Center Point
  • Coffeeville
  • Crossroads
  • McVay South and West
  • Jackson North and West
  • Parkertown
  • Salitpa
  • Stave Creek
  • Toddtown West
  • Union Chapel
  • West Bend

Honorable Tyrone Moye

District 4

Post Office Box 548
Grove Hill, Alabama 36451
251-275-3507 (p)
251-275-8517 (f)

  • Alma
  • Barlow Bend
  • Carlton
  • Choctaw Bluff
  • Gainestown
  • Jackson
  • Rockville 
  • Walker Springs

Honorable Rhondel Rhone

District 5

Post Office Box 548
Grove Hill, Alabama 36451
251-275-3507 (p)
251-275-8517 (f)

  • Chance
  • Dickinson
  • Fulton
  • Grove Hill
  • Gosport
  • Indian Ridge Community
  • Packers Bend (Clarke County)
  • Pleasant Hill Community
  • Sycrene
  • Thomasville
  • Walker Springs 
  • Whatley