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Revenue Commissioner

You can now pay your Clarke County property taxes ONLINE

The offices of Tax Assessor and Tax Collector were combined by a local act in 1988 to form the Office of the Revenue Commissioner. The Revenue Commissioner now serves as both the Tax Assessor and Tax Collector of Clarke County. The Revenue Commissioner is elected by the voters of Clarke County and serves a six-year term.

Tyler Montana Prescott was elected to the position of Revenue Commissioner in 2020. Commissioner Prescott holds an accounting degree from the University of West Alabama and a master’s degree from Troy University. He is currently pursuing his juris doctorate. Prescott has extensive knowledge in property tax law and real estate, and he brings a common-sense approach to problem-solving that he obtained while being a small-business owner. He is a lifelong resident of Clarke County and is involved in numerous civic organizations.

The Revenue Commissioner is required to annually locate, assess, and uniformly appraise all real and personal property within Clarke County.  The Revenue Commissioner also maintains current ownership maps of the county based on the most recent recorded documents of conveyance.

The Revenue Commissioner lists and places a value on all real estate and personal property (which includes such items as machinery, office equipment, etc.) in Clarke County.  These values are used to establish assessments from which annual taxes are calculated. The Commissioner also helps homeowners file for homestead exemptions. 

Once all assessments and exemptions are in place, the Revenue Commissioner is responsible for the collection of taxes on real property, personal property, and manufactured homes. Tax notices are mailed to each property owner on October 1st of each year. Real and personal property taxes are due October 1st and become delinquent after December 31st of each year. Manufactured home registrations are due October 1st and become delinquent after November 30th of each year.

Taxes can be paid online, in-person, or by mail. All checks must be made payable to Tyler Montana Prescott, Revenue Commissioner. If paying by mail, you should enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope if you wish for the Revenue Commissioner’s Office to mail a receipt.

On this page, you will find links for information on claiming homestead exemptions, changing your mailing address, and on the Revenue Commissioner’s declaration of converting to the Tax Lien Auction process. In addition, there is a link to our GIS mapping website and for paying taxes online.