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Quality of Life


Old Lock Park 1

Located off Highway 69 between Coffeeville and Jackson. The original park development in the mid-50s resulted from a modernization program of the locks and dams on the Black Warrior-Tombigbee Waterway begun in 1937. Lock #1, which was completed in 1902, was one of 17 low-lift locks and dams constructed on the Black Warrior and Tombigbee rivers between 1895 and 1915.

In 1956, Coffeeville Lock and Dam replaced three of the old structures, Locks 1, 2 & 3. With construction of the replacement locks and dams, the old structures were removed and in many cases the sites converted into recreation areas, providing access to the river.

The modernization program also included removing sharp and sometimes lengthy bends in the river by construction of bypass canals, which resulted in formation of “oxbow lakes” in the old river channel.

Lock #1 was bypassed by a canal and remains intact in one of the oxbow lakes. The lock and dam has been determined as eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Grove Hill Memorial Hospital

Mission Statement:
“To continue to be the premier hospital in the Clarke County area by sustaining and strengthening its leadership position in quality and scope of services.”

County: Clarke
Licensed Beds: 50
Street Address: 295 S. Jackson St., Grove Hill
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 935, Grove Hill, 36451
Phone: (251) 275-3191

To learn more about Grove Hill Memorial, please click here.

Jackson Medical Center

Mission Statement:
“To provide quality healthcare in partnership with our community, meeting the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of those we serve.”

County: Clarke
Licensed Beds: 35
Street Address: 220 Hospital Dr., Jackson
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 428, Jackson, 36545
Phone: (251) 246-9021

To learn more about Jackson Medical Center, please click here.



Aseracare Hospice
To learn about Aseracare Hospice, click here.

4115 N College Ave
Jackson, AL 36545
(866) 981-5724

Jackson Medical Center Home Health
For information about Jackson Medical Center’s Home Health services, visit Jackson Medical Center.

112 Forest Ave
Jackson, AL 36545
(877) 616-7330

Meadows Assisted Living
To learn about Meadows Assisted Living, click here.

517 Commerce St
Jackson, AL 36545
(877) 710-6383

Jackson Health Care Facility
To learn about Jackson Health Care Facility, click here.

2616 College Ave
Jackson, AL 36545
(251) 246-2476

Grove Hill

Infirmary HomeCare of Grove Hill

For information about Infirmary HomeCare of Grove hill, click here.

127 C Clark St
Grove Hill , AL 36451
(866) 570-8544

Grove Hill Senior Center

To learn about Grove Hill Senior Center, click here.
113 Clark St
Grove Hill, AL 36451
(866) 778-8734


Country Oaks

930 W 3 Rd St S
Thomasville, AL 36784
(866) 570-8544

Country Oaks #2

935 W 3 Rd St S
Thomasville, AL 36784
(866) 778-8734

Thomasville Retirement Center

7000 Gates Dr
Thomasville , AL 36784
(888) 985-3262

Thomasville Senior Citizens

137 Adams Ave
Thomasville, AL 36784
(877) 348-3126

Tomasville Nursing Home

1414 Mosley Dr
Thomasville, AL 36784
(877) 616-7330

Thomasville Nursing Home

1425 Mosley Dr
Thomasville, AL 36784
(877) 710-6383

Public Schools

The educational systems in Clarke County provide quality education to the residents and will provide an educated workforce to new industries.

The Grove Hill, Coffeeville, and Jackson public schools, a part of the Clarke County School System, are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and have exemplary programs of instruction. A separate Thomasville City School System, also accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools serves the students of Thomasville.

Area high schools have solid college preparatory programs for all high school students as well as honors and advanced placement programs and award winning elective programs. National Honor Society selection is at the end of 10th grade for all students with 87 or higher numerical average. Both school systems offer students the opportunity for standard and advanced diplomas. Advanced Placement classes which include AP American History, AP 12th Grade English, and AP Calculus provide opportunities to earn college credit while in high school.

Private Schools

Clarke County is home to two private schools, Clarke County Preparatory School in Grove Hill and Jackson Academy in Jackson. Both school are accredited by the Alabama Independent School Association and have a strong commitment to a traditional, challenging, and enriching curriculum. Students in the Alabama Independent School Association displayed exceptional achievement on the Stanford Achievement Test on spring 2002 test results. Test scores indicate that on an average, students in AISA schools score well above the national average in all required grades tested by AISA schools.

alabama_southern_community_college_3Coastal Alabama Community College

State Highway 43 S., Thomasville, Alabama 36784
Phone (334) 636-9642

Coastal Alabama Community College is a state-supported, fully accredited, comprehensive two-year college serving southwest Alabama through two campuses and two centers. The College offers a wide range of excellent university transfer and career programs.

Coastal Alabama offers students an exciting college experience. Highly qualified faculty and small classes mean big academic rewards for students. The active campuses also give students dozens of chances to become involved in social and leadership activities. Championship athletic programs keep school spirit high.

Coastal Alabama has been a leader among the state’s two-year colleges in forging partnerships with Alabama industries. The College offers on-site classes and training for a number of Southwest Alabama industries and has worked closely with industry leaders to ensure that the College’s course requirements meet industry standards.

Coastal Alabama, which has an enrollment of approximately 2,000, was formed in 1991 by a merger of Patrick Henry Junior College in Monroeville and Hobson State Technical College in Thomasville. The College now includes a center in Gilbertown and Jackson.

Coastal Alabama Community College’s Jackson campus has the most modern computer classrooms in the world. Students can interact with instructors via computer from various long distance campuses.

Alabama Technology Network/Coastal Alabama Community College Center for Forestry, Paper, and Chemical Technology

Alabama Technology Network is a not-for-profit organization com- posed of ten centers that links the University of Alabama System, Auburn University, the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, and two-year colleges. The ATN centers work in a coordinated effort to improve economic development oppor- tunities in the state.

Alabama’s largest industries – Forestry, Paper, and Chemical- need a globally competitive technical workforce in order to remain productive and profitable. And, they need access to the latest technology so that Alabama’s foundational industries continue as the most efficient and effective in the world. The center for technical excellence focused on the forestry, paper and chemical industries is one of the best possible investments in Alabama’s economic future.

The services of the Center for Forestry, Paper and Chemical Technology are conducted utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and equipment that presently are not possible on a traditional college or university campus. The training is fundamental to the industry and includes forestry technology, timber harvesting, electrical technology, industrial electronics, paper and chemical technology, industrial maintenance, instrumentation, and organizational behavior processes. Coastal Alabama Community College is responsible for all training.

Housing consists primarily of single-family, owner-occupied homes. There is a large variety of housing available throughout Clarke County in all price ranges from which to choose. There is also a variety of multi-family units and rentals available. Check out the real estates within Clarke County below to find your new home today!

Pope’s Real Estate

32620 US-43
Thomasville, AL 36784
(334) 636-4349

For information on Pope’s Real Estate, click here.


Skipper Insurance & Realty

1534 College Ave
Jackson, AL 36545
(251) 246-2487

Insurance Email:

For information on Skipper’s Insurance & Realty, click here.


Harrison & Harrison Insurance & Realty, LLC

2005 College Ave
Jackson, AL 36545
(251) 246-2400

For information on Harrison & Harrison Insurance & Realty, LLC, click here.

Wilson Realty

1001 College Avenue Suite A
Jackson, AL 36545
(251) 246-5077

For information on Pope’s Real Estate, click here.